Growing Public Awareness

Growing Public Awareness

There are people in this world everyday, trying to make this world a more livable place for the next generation.  Some do it because that is the way they always have, some do it because a friend told them they should, some do it because to them it is common sense, some do it because the government tells them to, and some do it because it is the right thing to do. These Champions of the planet take their own cloth bags into the grocery store, they pack their veggies and fruit into the reusable bags, they use a refillable canteen to stay hydrated, and they limit their waste as much as possible.

World Progress Now believes that we are all tourists on this planet, wherever we go, we need to think about what our being there in the foreign place is doing to or for the local population. World Progress Now honors institutions, Businesses, and Individuals who take the pledge to do their part in making moving around this planet a little more responsible.

We believe that it is the duty of our organization to help people and the planet.  In order to achieve that goal, we need people all over this Earth to know that travel is a great opportunity afforded to them by the technologies of the Twenty-First century and economic growth, but there are things we must be keenly aware of in order to clean up and fix our way.

Spread the word, buy canteens and reusable bags, and recycled cloths, and bar shampoo, for your friends and relatives. Then explain to them the importance of those choices.  Share your story. Let them know that once they have adopted the lifestyle of responsibility that it is also possible to move and travel responsibly as well.

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