Taiwan and Responsible Tourism

Taiwan is an amazing country stooped in history and natural beauty. In 2014, 9.91 million visitors traveled to this small 13,974 square mile island and it continues to increase as a popular destination for tourists.   Our World Progress Now team ventured off to Taiwan to explore what they were doing to support responsible tourism. … Read this post >>>

New Orleans has a Gigantic Plastic Problem

I had an opportunity to visit the Big Easy for the French Quarter Festival, in which hundreds of bands play on stages scattered around the quarter.  If you are a music lover, THIS is the event.  The music is simply amazing.  To see a city built on music transform itself into a music onslaught was … Read this post >>>

Responsible Schools in Korea

Members of the World Progress Now team were on assignment in Asia this past March.  It was a great opportunity to research whether or not responsible tourism has in the very least a tentative infrastructure.  Asia is one of the biggest polluters of plastic in the world and we wanted to know if this kind … Read this post >>>

Plastic in The News

If you haven’t read a newspaper, blog, or checked your Facebook newsfeed lately then you may have missed it.  Everyone is talking about it.  The World Economic Forum mentioned it.  It being plastic, and its impact on the oceans, landfills, our health, and the environment. By 2050 the weight of plastic in the oceans will … Read this post >>>

Paradise Opens the Eyes

The World Progress Now team took a family trip to the beautiful island of Kauai over the holidays.  Kauai is the fourth largest island of the Hawaiian Archipelago. The island’s beauty cannot be described with words; Waimea Canyon State Park is breath taking and the lush green scenery is enough to make time disappear completely. … Read this post >>>

Races and Hydration

As I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon, I was greeted with smiles, bananas, gift bags, and a plastic water bottle.  I refused the plastic water bottle and the look I received from the volunteer was one of disdain.  If her eyes could speak, they would have said, “you idiot, you just … Read this post >>>

My Old School Doing the Progressive Thing!!!

The World Progress Now team ventured off on assignment, the destination: Hollister, California.  As part of our quest we wanted to see if there was any progress in the dusty cow town that raised the co-founder and I. We had the chance to visit Spring Grove Elementary School, seven miles northeast of Hollister.  It happens to … Read this post >>>

Hometown Identity

The World Progress Now team ventured off on assignment this past week. The destination? Our tiny, dusty, beautiful hometown of Hollister, California.  As we entered the place that raised and strengthened us into our twenties, we were propelled into a state of nostalgia. The Mountains of the Diablo range stared at us with a stern … Read this post >>>


World Progress Now is proud to announce the launch of our first campaign to #gowithoutplastic.  We are specifically targeting single use plastic products.  This means plastic grocery bags, water bottles, soda bottles, shampoo bottles, and all other plastics that are thrown away. Tourism lends itself to convenience.  Many travelers don’t want to be bothered by … Read this post >>>

Hydration (Water Refilling) Stations are Gaining in Popularity

hydration water station

Hydrating is an essential element of life.  How we hydrate is up for debate.  Do we get our water from our morning soda, coffee, smoothies, food, the tap or bottled water?  Over the past twenty years companies like Nestle, Coke, and Pepsi have invested in bottled water, recognizing that a growing health trend was around … Read this post >>>