Alternative Products and Practices

Natural Face Scrub

Ditch the plastic microbeads and opt for an all-natural exfoliating face scrub! Packaging comes in a reusable glass jar with an aluminum lid. Make a donation of $25 or more to World Progress Now and you’ll receive a free sample as our gift to you!
(while supplies last)

Canvas Lunch Tote

Find canvas lunch totes, reusable canteens, clothing and more on the World Progress Now online store. Purchases benefit World Progress Now’s mission to build responsible tourism infrastructure worldwide.
The Shop Online

Bar Shampoo

Bar Shampoo from Lush is plastic-free and they have an array of wonderful scents to choose from. They also sell convenient metal tins to store your shampoo bar, instead of plastic travel cases.


Here is a natural deodorant from Life Without Plastic. No preservatives, no unnecessary additives or lab-manufactured chemicals. Best of all, it comes in a cobalt blue glass jar with tin lid. No plastic packaging!
 Life Without Plastic

Bar Conditioner

Yes, Lush evens sells bar conditioner for your hair! Some work better than others, depending on your hair type. The scents are so fresh and the bar will last a long time.


You’ve got to love these bamboo toothbrushes. Even the bristles are plastic-free! They are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We found them for sale at Whole Foods and other specialty markets.


This was a difficult one for us to find. This fresh, minty, vegan toothpaste comes in a reusable glass jar with lid. It can easily be repacked into a smaller container for traveling.
Just The Goods

Produce Bags

Say goodbye to the irritating plastic rolls at the grocery store! Invest in some reusable Eco-Bags made of certified organic cotton. They come in a variety of sizes, wash easily, and are perfect for outdoor markets.

Shopping Bags

There are a lot of options out there for reusable shopping bags these days. Don’t forget to take yours with you when you travel! These reusable grocery bags from Eco Bags are made of 100% recycled cotton.

Reusable Canteens

Don’t forget to pack your canteen! Klean Kanteen is one of the best brands specializing in reusable plastic-free canteens. They even sell some that are insulated and will keep your beverage cold/hot for hours!